GTTP goals are ambitious, as you can see in the About ‘Galileo Teacher Training Program’ page.

In order to achieve its goals it was decided to promote Teacher Training workshops in developing regions by providing seed funding and basic support.

In 2010, the GTTP Call for Proposals, received 23 applications. See the 2010 results.

IAU/2009 International Year of Astronomy funding made it possible to support 10 workshops, and 2 more workshops thanks to the decision, by the GTTP Task Force, to use the Mani Bhaumik Prize for Astronomy Excellence, to help this effort.

But it was very difficult to select the top 12 applications as so many initiatives deserve acclaim for what they’ve done.

For the 2011 Call for Proposals GTTP has already secured, thanks to LCOGT, the means to support up to 8 workshops. But it was also decided to ask for contributions from the community in order to increase the number of supported proposals.

You can help! Donate!

Visit this page from time to time. We’ll try to make periodic updates to the status of the donations.