Five years ago a group of motivated young professionals gave birth to “GalileoMobile” – a project that inspired many young children and teachers from underprivileged communities around the world.

Over these five years, GalileoMobile has accomplished four projects: Chile, Bolivia and Peru (2009); a pilot project to the Bolivian Amazon (2012); India (2012) and Uganda (2013). In total, more than 8,800 students, 860 teachers took part of GalileoMobile activities and over 1,000 people participated in GalileoMobile public events. In addition, thanks to the individual initiatives of GalileoMobile members, extended activities were also developed in Portugal, Nepal and United States.

Five years of GalileoMobile

Five years of GalileoMobile

Recently GalileoMobile released “Bajo un Mismo Cielo” (Under the Same Sky), a documentary telling the story of the first expedition through Chile, Bolivia and Pedru during the International Year of Astronomy in 2009. Through children’s eyes, an encounter from different visions and interpretations of the sky is made, from East to West and from ancient times to modern astronomy, exploring the richness of human culture preserved in the traditions of the Andean people.

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