Teachers are encouraged to apply to training courses organised by GTTP partners:

Open Discovery Space International Space Summer Academy
The aim of the course is to support school innovation and to train school leaders and leading members of school staff to promote the development of their schools into open learning communities, and thus improve the quality of all aspects of schooling.

Creativity in Early Years Science Education
An innovative course aimed to support classroom innovation and to train teachers and leaders of European schools to act as successful change agents in their schools in order to promote creative approaches, in both teaching and learning, to science learning in preschool and the first years of primary school.

Discover the Cosmos: From Telescopes to Accelerators
Aim of the course is to enhance science education by presenting the fabric of the cosmos as was shaped by scientific evidence and explanations through 400 years of scientific advancement.

GEOTHNK: From Geospatially Thinking to Teaching Geospatially
The course centred on the development of an important ability both for sciences and everyday life: geospatial thinking.

Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School
The course introduce to teachers the use of online virtual experimentations and remote laboratories as well as inquiry-based science teaching techniques in order to help them develop, improve and enhance their teaching skills and practices.

Universal Design for Learning Summer School 2015
The aim of the course is to have a positive impact on the development of students’ transversal competences, creativity, collaboration, and effective communication skills by promoting the use of real world authentic learning activities by immersing participating teachers in the process of resource based approaches via their interaction with a unique collection of open educational resources (OER).

CREAT-IT Summer School 2015
A meeting point for science educators, scientists, artists, art educators, and policy-makers wishing to learn creative strategies in today’s science teaching.

Quantum Spinoff Summer Course
The aim of the course is to educate the teachers to bring into the classroom a unique collection of digital resources and tools that are based on real-world problems.