The European Space Agency (ESA) invites people around the world to mark the important milestone of the Rosetta mission through a video contest on Facebook.

GTTP team in partnership with CosmoQuest and in the framework of Open Discovery Space activities is going to support your effort by promoting your videos. Our suggestion is that you record a video with your students in your language and upload it. Then send us the link through GTTP Facebook, so we can promote and gather votes for your team.

We will select 5 schools to participate live in a Hangout on 20 January. To enter, simply submit a creative video shouting “Wake up, Rostetta!”. More guidelines of the contest, please head to ESA page.


Important dates about Rosetta mission:

Exit deep space hibernation: 20 January 2014
Major comet rendezvous manoeuvre: May 2014
Arrive at comet: August 2014
Philae lander delivery: November 2014
Closest approach to Sun: 13 August 2015
Mission end: 31 December 2015