Join us to start the 100-day countdown to the Rosetta Spacecraft waking up to begin its exploration of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. On wakeup day, ESA will beam messages from groups around the world to the spacecraft. You can contribute your own wakeup message on the Rosetta Facebook page (there are some really cool ones posted already). During this hangout, you will some of the best videos, so enter your own today and potentially see it on-air on January 20. Want to share your video with our community now? Share a link on the GTTP Facebook page.

Want to join us on air to shout your own wakeup at Rosetta? We’ll pick 5 school groups based on Haikus they submit on the GTTP Facebook page. Just write out your own ode to Rosetta with a 5 syllable / 7 syllable / 5 syllable pattern (and write a translation if you write in a language other than English!) We’ll select schools to join us on air based on which Haikus receive the most “likes”. Schools that aren’t picked are still invited to share photos and videos of their own “Wakeup, Rosetta” moment on this event.

During this event, we’ll also be discussing the science of Rosetta and its decade long exploration of our solar system. This Hangout is hosted by Dr. Pamela L. Gay with numerous guests, and is produced in  collaboration by the Galileo Teacher Training Program and CosmoQuest for Open Discovery Space. Join the hangout on 20 January at 11:00 (CET):

Learn more about Rosetta: