Week 1: Resource of the Week: Anyone Out There? by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

This presentation of the Drake Equation reviews each of the factors contributing to the likelihood of intelligent life in our galaxy. The presentation can easily be made into a fun interactive outreach activity, with participants discussing 6 questions in groups. Starting with all of the stars in the Milky Way, the presenter methodically looks at many variables that together estimate the potential number of intelligent civilizations in the galaxy.


Week 2: Resource of the Week: Street Lights as Standard Candles by Markus Pössel on astroEDU.

Street lights of the same type will look brighter when they are close to you, and less bright when they are farther away. The same applies to astronomical objects: a given star will look brighter to a nearby observer than to an observer far away. In both cases, the difference in brightness can be used to deduce the relative distances of suitable objects. Standard candles, objects of constant intrinsic brightness or whose intrinsic brightness can be determined by careful measurements, are a key tool for astronomical distance determination. In this exploration, you will explore standard candles (and also effects that complicate distance measurements) in a simple everyday setting, namely that of street lights, using a digital camera and freely available software.


Week 3: Resource of the Week: The Four Forces & The Standard Model by GTTP on ISE.

In this activity students can learn about properties of objects that influence whether an object sinks or floats in the water. They get the assignment to find out which materials they can use to build a raft that floats in order to leave the island they are currently on. By going through all phases of inquiry they will gain knowledge about mass, volume and density, and their relation to each other.


Week 4: Resource of the Week: Binary Code – Introductory by Olga Dziabenko and Javier Garcia-Zubia on Go-Lab

Use, invention and analysis of binary codes. The activity includes comprehensive home assignment.