The European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) 2012 will take place at the IFEMA-Feria de Madrid, Spain 23 – 28 September 2012. A session will be dedicated to Planetary Sciences in Education at EPSC under Outreach, Education and Policy program group.

Bringing real research to classrooms around the globe is a new trend being explored by several projects worldwide. Is this an appropriate solution to target both the misconceptions and lack of interest for science topics? Can we quickly advance for the construction of curricula that is in accordance with this need? Are educators prepared for this challenge? Are Universities preparing teachers already empowered to use this modern tools and resources? Can there be a global solution that opens equal opportunities for developed and developing countries? What steps are we taking to bridge the digital divide ? How can we use Planetary Science data to target all this issues?

These are some of the topic areas that will be addressed at the gathering. You are invited to submit abstracts for either an oral or a poster presentation. Click for more info.

Convener: R. Doran
Co-Conveners: P. Gay , L. Mayo