Starting this April the Galileo Teacher Training Programme will have the opportunity to take part of this new European Commission funded project. The Open Discovery Space intends to be a multilingual e-learning infrastructure that stimulates and engages teachers, students and parents in a new learning experience.

The main purpose is to exploit a vast and rich repository of modern tools and resources and promote its use for the constructions of modern and effective community of science educators and users.

The main objectives of this programme are:

a)      stimulate the demand for innovative eLearning resources

b)      engage teachers and students in innovative educational practices

c)       generate a showcase encompassing a broad community of users.

The proposed infrastructure and adapted resources will be vastly tested in classroom and a roadmap devised to help enlarge the successes and reflections to other schools. Keep tuned for more news on this project outcomes. The kick-off meeting will take place in Athens this April.

Information will be provided soon at: