ODS_contest_2014Submit an innovative, interesting and successful teaching scenario via the ODS community website/portal and win a trip to the next summer school, 12 – 18 July 2015 in Attica, Greece.


Who can participate?

The National Contest is targeted at teachers in European schools – and only regular teachers of primary and secondary level are eligible for participation. This page is for European Countries that do not belong to ODS Program. If your country has a national contact point you have to contact them to find the rules for your participation. http://opendiscoveryspace.eu/consortium (bottom of the page). If your country doesn’t have a national contact point that GTTP will be the support provider.

Deadline for submission: 31 January 2015.


How to participate

  • If you are already registered join ODS community.
  • To participate, register at the ODS portal. (You should receive an immediate confirmation of your registration and in 24 hours a confirmation of your entry to the community. If you don’t receive confirmation please contact  info@galileoteachers.org).
  • Teachers can submit only one innovative teaching scenario via the ODS community website/portal. (Manual on how to upload a scenario can be found here).
  • The applications consist of creation of educational scenarios using tools and resources from the ODS portal, and/or tools and resources uploaded by you. After submitting your scenario fill in the Google form.

Evaluation Criteria

A jury, nominated by NUCLIO/GTTP Point of Contact, will evaluate the applications according to the most innovative, interesting and successful scenario in all possible themes of ODS with the following criteria:

  1. Quality: The scenario is well described, complete and well structured.
  2. Innovation: The scenario uses innovative methods, or new connections, new approaches, new groups of persons involved etc.
  3. Enjoyment/Fun: The scenario provides a great portion of enjoyment and fun for the pupils and not just learning.
  4. ODS: The scenario uses a lot of ODS functions, ideas, communities, connections.
    Personality: The scenario develops the personalities of the participating pupils, and takes care on the possible diverse characters.
  5. Team work: The scenario increases the ability of pupils to work in teams.
  6. Ethics: The scenario does include issues like gender, discrimination, inclusion , health, migration, social disadvantaged, something that the pupils are motivated to contribute to the advancement of our society and life on this earth.
  7. Economy: The scenario alerts the pupils that there are also financing issues connected, e.g. the costs for the equipment, the working time, the issues concerned, the market values etc.
  8. Connectivity: The scenario includes connections with other groups, countries, persons, also those with special needs.

The jury awards for each of the 8 criteria a maximum of 5 points, criterion 7 Ethics with 10 points resulting in a maximum of 50 points.

Every application will be evaluated at least by 3 jury members. The jury members will be independent without any connections to the applicants.


1st stage of ODS Contest Winners: The National Winners’ prize is their participation at the ODS summer school, July 12 – 18, 2015 in Attica, Greece, with all their expenses covered.

2nd stage of ODS Contest Winners: The two PanEuropean winners will be nominated as “ODS Teachers of 2015”, experiencing the publicity related to this nomination.

Also, both winners will receive an iPad.

All participating teachers (National Winners) who will participate on the ODS Contest’s second stage, will receive the ODS certificate of participation.


Announcing the winners

Each participant will be informed about their own final scoring. The decision of the jury will be announced at the latest on January 15, 2015.
Note: The contest prizes cannot be exchanged in cash or any other equivalent. Teachers are responsible for the content of their Learning Scenario to the contest. If they disclose personal information in the entry they submit, they make the disclosures at their own risk. The organizers are not responsible for the content that is submitted by the teachers.