What does Hubble mean to you? For society? How has it inspired you?

The ESA/Hubble Ode to Hubble competition lets anyone inspired by Hubble express their feelings or share their ideas in a creative and innovative way. It is your chance to join us in celebrating the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th anniversary!

As long as it can be uploaded as a YouTube, Vine and Instagram video less than three minutes long you can submit anything. Pan over a drawing, scroll over a poem or text, film your own Hubblecast, film yourself performing or talking about a Hubble topic, create an animation or compose a piece of music and upload it as a video piece. Just make it innovative, creative and, most of all, inspired by Hubble, or one of its great discoveries or images.

There are two categories for the competition, one for under 25s — born in Hubble’s lifetime — and one for over 25s, with each having five runners up and one winner. Deadline of the contest is 12 March 2015. To learn more about the rules, judges and prizes to be won — or just to get inspired — visit the Ode to Hubble Webpage.

If you don’t create a piece of your own, you can still get involved by crowd-judging the entries to whittle the selection down to a shortlist.