The Galileo Teacher Training Programme is supporting the Global Astronomy Month 2011 by organizing the GTTP MoonDays. During the whole month we are inviting you to:

Observe and Share the Earth’s natural satellite by naked eye, small telescopes, robotic telescopes, webcams, cameras, image databases etc.

Timetable in April

New Moon 3rd 14:32 UT

First quarter 11th 12:05 UT

Full Moon 18th 2:44

Last quarter 25th 2:47 UT

Moon Sidewalk – Clubs and Observatories around the world are invited to organize sidewalk activities for the Moon Observation. Post your activity here: xxxxxx

Moon through my computer – Share your Moon with the world. Tell us the link to your camera/telescope and share your view with the world xxxxxx

Moon Talks – If you are running a public talk about the Moon insert your event here: xxxx

Moon ArtistsMake pictures and drawing of the Moon representing the live observation (naked eyes, camera’s, telescope, binoculars etc) and post them here: xxxxx

If you are out of inspiration check our MoonDays Poetry page. Your work will be rated by the public. Stay tuned for news !!! The best rated work will get surprise prizes