“My name is Jorge Muñoz Rojas and I conduct astronomy workshops at schools and colleges in Chile. In late 2009, I received an invitation by GTTP ambassador in Chile, Sergio Cabezón to attend the first ever GTTP workshop organised in Chile. The workshop included astrophysicists Carl Pennypacker and Rich Lomman. Followed by this, I received a scholarship to attend a meeting at University of California at Berkeley which helped to plan the second workshop in Santiago in 2011. Since then I have been coordinating GTTP in Chile, which has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to GTTP, I have been able to help teachers across Chile to use educational tools in their classrooms. The experience and knowledge I gain from this also helps me towards teaching my students (8 – 13).

Needless to say, I have built a great friendship with my teachers through GTTP, specially with Carl Pennypacker who has been following our success and supporting us throughout. I look forward to being part of GTTP everyday, it has helped me in many ways, mostly with the satisfaction of educating another and learning more. There’s much I could talk about GTTP, but I end my message with a Thank you.”

— Jorge Muñoz Rojas, Chile.