Join us on Monday, 13th May 2019 at 13:00 BST / 14:00 CEST for another facinating Europlanet Webinar. This month we talk to Dr. Petr Brož about his investigation of planetary geology, particularly regarding Volcanism on Mars.

Mars is a terrestrial planet whose surface has been significantly modified by volcanic activity throughout its history. Much evidence of volcanism exists in the form of variously sized volcanoes, endless lava fields, or volcanic rocks widely spread over the surface. The webinar will investigate evidence proving the volcanic history of Mars and explain the importance of volcanism on the evolution of this planet.


Petr BrozDr. Petr Brož has been a researcher at the Department of Geodynamics, Czech Academy of Sciences since 2010, where he focuses on volcanism across the Solar system. His main interest is kilometer-sized cones formed by explosive volcanic activity caused by magma degassing and water/magma interactions on the surface of Mars. His research is based on the analysis of the remote sensing data from morphological and morphometrical points of view.

Awarded the Nadání Josefa, Marie a Zdenky Hlávkových prize and the Otto Wichterle Award, both from the Czech Academy of Sciences, Dr. Brož has also won the SCIAP 2016 prize with Dr. Matěj Machek for new and inspirative outreach model of plate tectonics. Dr. Brož is dedicated to public outreach in order to help popularize geosciences in the context of solar system exploration.  [ ]


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