During the school year 2012/2013 several of Portuguese schools contributed towards changing the mentalities towards the preservation of our night sky and promoting the awareness.

Individually or in a group, students choose at least one street, building, garden, square, etc. and worked on preserving dark skies. The results were presented on 29 June 2013 at the Festa das Estrelas held at the Museum Paula Rego in Cascais, Postugal and the participants received certificates and prizes by Dr. Connie Walker, international coordinator of Dark Skies Rangers.
dsr_rita2Teacher José Gonçalves had the opportunity to conduct training course – Astronomy @ My_PC – inVolos, Greece and present his work to several European teachers (http://portal.discoverthecosmos.eu/en/node/195700).
Between 6 and 12 years old:

  • 1st place – Francisco Correia Roque
  • 2nd place – Tomás Manuel Sargaço Loureiro
  • 3rd place – Laura da Cruz Murtinho e Luana Campos Montenegro

From Escola Básica n.º 3 de Condeixa-a-Nova.

Between 13 and 15 years old:

  • 1st place –  Inês Crista Pérola (ESA Conservatório de Música do Porto)
  • 2nd place – Beatriz Ponte Rocha, Maria Antónia Gata e Mónica Rocha Moniz (Escola Secundária de Lagoa)


  • 1st place –  José Gonçalves
  • 2nd place – Sandra Marisa Martins Sant`Ana Bernardo
  • 3rd place – Alcida Cardoso e Álvaro Manuel Folhas Ferreira

More images from the event on NUCLIO Facebook page.