ISE has been running for over 2 years and more than 7,500 users have already logged into the ISE Portal and taken part in ISE activities. We are running a large scale survey to stimulate reflection in order to gather constructive feedback from teachers and all others interested or engaged in Science, Inquiry Based and Technology Enhanced Education. This feedback will help us to assess different aspects of the ISE approach and further develop and improve the ISE service offer to teachers. Please note that we don’t expect that respondents are able to answer all questions in our survey, but only those that best reflect their experience. In your response, we also appreciate hearing about your general ideas and reflections about Science, Inquiry based and Technology enhanced Learning.

You can answer our survey in any one of 11 languages: English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, German, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.

Even if you are a teacher who is new to ISE, sign up for an account now and tell us what you think.