In this Hangout on Air, we will discuss the four forces that hold our universe together, and have the potential to tear things apart. These forces are controlled by special force-communicating particles called bosons, and in a twist of fate these bosons in turn control how every other particle – the particles that make up planets and people – interact with one another.

You will be provided a brief overview of the what the four forces are will then get to see an interview with two scientists working at CERN who will help you understand how researchers explore how these forces do what they do. Finally, we will overview materials you can use to explore these forces in your classroom.

Join the Hangout on  11 Wednesday, February at 18:00 (CET):

This is series Hangouts on Astronomy and Planetary Science supported by Ellinogermaniki Agogi and NUCLIO in the framework of the European Science Education Academy and the Galileo Teacher Training Programme. Hangouts are hosted by Dr Pamela L. Gay. GTTP invite you to work along with the series to create classroom educational materials while earning badges as you progress.

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