by José Saraiva and Ido Bareket

I am a Rover on the Moon: Role Playing Game


Try a fun game where people can impersonate the whole apparatus needed to explore the Moon and understand how it works. The main aim of this activity is to give the participants an idea of how hard it can be to “drive” a machine in another planet, where planning is fundamental, since you cannot brake or change direction on a moment’s whim.

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You can find the instructions here:


Remote Lunar Rover Exploration


Ever wondered what is like to control a rover on the Moon. Well, now you can try it using the Bareket Observatory’s Lunar Rover Station Project. In an environment that tries to resemble the Lunar surface you will have the opportunity to feel the thrill of a real exploration experience. The Lunar Station rover is controlled remotely via internet. To learn more visit Bareket Observatory dedicated page: