Do you think there is life elsewhere in the Universe, do you believe we will ever be able to communicate with another beings in this vast Universe. Well many astronomers believe in this. Despite the fact that we never found life in the Universe beyond our planet, scientists are convinced that in this immense sea of galaxies life must thrive. In 1977 scientists sent two golden records aboard two spacecrafts in case the ships might bump into other intelligent beings. The record contains images and sounds picturing life on Earth. This Golden Record will reach parts of the Universe where a leaving human being can’t yet dream.

Well, travelling through this vast Universe can be a dangerous and complicated adventure. Whilst it is very hard for human beings to leave the Earth and travel across the Universe going to the Moon is a more concrete possibility, a very complicated and expensive one, but feasible.

If you belong to the 99,99% of the life forms of this planet that don’t have this possibility we will be offering the possibility of going to the Moon and back .. well kind of… With the support of art and radio astronomy artist Daniela de Paulis together with a team of radio amateurs at Dwingeloo radio telescope in Holland, created a way to send images to the Moon and back. We will have the opportunity to MoonBounce images produced by schools. The campaign will take place during the Global Astronomy Month 2012:


The images have to be sent to us until April 15th . They will be posted in a webpage and the public will vote for their favorite. The best images will be sent to the Moon and back.


The art work can be whatever you wish: drawings, sculptures, your portrait, etc. The work must be then transformed in a picture and sent to Participants should be aware that all pictures will be posted online.

The votation period will go from April 16th to April 25th

The theme of your art work must be related to the golden record.


To understand more what a Moonbounce is you can find information here:


For information about the golden record


For an image of the golden record


Get the word out and get your hands durty !!! Good luck and hope to see you coming back from the Moon soon.


Here are some of the images that we received…


image_1 image_2 image_3
Desislava Hristova, Bulgaria Hugo Luna, Portugal Fátima Omar Sualé, Mozambique
image_15 image_5 image_6
Paulo Alexandre, Mozambique Nacita Inês Nathúalar, Mozambique Maria Inês Leão, Portugal
image_7 image_8 image_9
Lilia Ankova, Bulgaria Marian Georgiev, Bulgaria Lucia Rivero, ??
image_10 image_11 image_12
Denitza Ivova, Bulgaria Dimitrina Stancheva, Bulgaria Polia Petrova, Bulgaria
image_13 image_14
Maria Inês Leão, Portugal Maria Inês Leão, Portugal
image_16 image_17
Paulo Alexandre, Mozambique Paulo Alexadre, Mozambique

The number of images received by GTTP and the other partners was very large, so a selection had to be made.

From the images submited to GTTP the following ones WENT TO THE MOON AND CAME BACK: