This year’s joint ESA and GTTP training workshop took place at ESA’s European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Spain. We had 20 secondary school teachers coming from 15 European countries. During the event participants had the opportunity to learn how to use ESA science data archives and how to implement real research lessons in classroom using this data. The programme was very rich and composed by several talks related to ESA’s missions and recent discoveries. The programme was composed by modern tools and resources and several hands-on experiments, designed to sparkle the interest of students in science research and its importance to our daily lives.

A complete report about this workshop can be found at ESA’s Education website:

This was the third on a series that started in 2009. The Galileo Teacher Training Programme, as a leaving legacy of IYA2009, hopes to bring the best to our volunteers and devoted educators. This profitable collaboration between ESA and GTTP has enriched our achievements. We thank the vision and reach of ESA’s efforts by making this venue possible. Hope that many more will come …