The second joint GTTP / ESA session will take place in Amsterdan from 7 to 10 December 2010. Science Teachers of Secondary schools in Europe are invited to attend the training session that will take place at the NEMO Science Centre in the Netherlands.

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to gain practical hands-on skills to enable them to teach the physical sciences, in particular physics, using astronomy and space science as vehicles for engaging the students. This workshop is ideal for teachers who are new to teaching the physical sciences or for those who wish to bring fresh ideas to their lessons.

The workshop is organised in a series of hands-on sessions in which expert teachers will present proven classroom activities in which key scientific elements are taught using examples from astronomy and space science. The programme for the workshop highlights ESA educational resources and includes sessions on the use of robotic telescopes and image processing software.

Participants at the ESA/GTTP workshop will be eligible to be certified as a “Galileo Teacher”. This is a tangible recognition of their professional development as a science teacher. The creation of a global network of Galileo Teachers, capable of continuing to implement the effective use and transfer of astronomy education tools and resources into classroom science curricula, will be one of the primary legacies of the GTTP.

More information can be obtained here.