Lina Canas

Where are you based:
Porto, Portugal

What do you do:
Presently I’m collaborating in part-time for NUCLIO and GTTP on social media network. I’m also part of a project by Europlanet “Meet our neighbours: a tactile experience” that aims to produce tactile materials for children with visual impairments.

When did you first learn about GTTP:
I learnt about GTTP back in 2009, during International Year of Astronomy.  In my previous institution Navegar Foundation, we did a GTTP workshop for teachers.

In which way are you involved with GTTP:
I collaborate in the GTTP communication department, more specifically in social media. I also collaborate in several outreach and educational projects connected to the GTTP framework.

Why did you decide to join GTTP:
I decided to join GTTP because of the chance of becoming a part of something that is already changing the world. Rosa Doran, chair of GTTP, is a very inspiring person, and as she always says everyone that has the luck of having even a small glimpse of what GTTP teachers are doing around the world is automatically “infected” by this amazing community of inspiring people. That feeling of wanting to become someone that is a part of this inspiring movement is what truly made my mind in becoming a part of GTTP.

How do you see GTTP in 10 years:
I truly believe that GTTP is evolving in a great direction… and these are exciting times. In ten years GTTP will expand reaching an even greater amount of teachers around the globe. Having a sustainable basis of teachers empowering other teachers in their local communities is already a reality that will grow into full extent in the upcoming years.

Tips for teachers/educators around the world:
Great resources are out there available for free to all, developed by teachers for teachers. ELearning platforms and extensive databases of educational material and activities are being compiled and shared. My tip for teachers is mainly a call for action: for teachers to actively participate in these communities; use the resources available, rate them creating better and more reliable sources of educational materials and finally share your experience and creative ideas with your peers.

Finish the sentence, “I think the teachers ….”:
I think the teachers are the most important source of inspiration in which future generations rely to grow into their full potential as human beings.

What do you do in your spare time:
I’m taking my PhD in science teaching and education, so spare time is somewhat scarce… My thesis will focus on inclusive astronomy, using astronomy to potentiate learning for people with special needs. This field of study, for me is a direct consequence of close personal interests so it is kind of hard to establish a defined frontier between hobbies and a work because of this… But still I procrastinate… I like to read my news feeds daily, watch TED Talks and keep up with my favorite silly nerdy TV shows as much as can.