The Observatorio de Astronomía del Instituto de Profesores Artigas in partnership with the Observatorio de Montevideo (IAVA), the Institute of Physics of the  Faculty of Science and the Asociación de Aficionados a la Astronomía del Uruguay and GTTP Uruguay is organizing two courses for teachers. The courses are intended to develop lifelong learning for teachers but also to target students of the Institute. The project also aims to foster Astronomy Outreach.

The courses have been designed to cover a broad spectrum of disciplines. Teachers have already been involved in the construction of the offered curricula. It is necessary to support teachers and students in training to be teachers that intend to gain a deeper knowledge in Science Education. It is very important to update teacher’s knowledge in topics that attract a lot of attention of the media. The courses topics are outlined bellow:

February 14th to 16th , 2011

Solar System
Moon Phases
Astronomy Education
Telescopes Use
The Milkyway
Workshops with  Prof. Dr. João Batista Canalle from the University of Rio de Janeiro

February 21st to 24th , 2011
• Minor Bodies of the Solar System
Astronomy History
Astronomy Education
Telescopes Use
Making images with a webcam and simple digital cameras
Image Processing with RegiStax

The training courses have a limit of 30 participants each.

More information and registration:

Organizers: Observatorio Montevideo, GTTP – Uruguay

Support: Planetario Municipal, Facultad de Ciencias (UDeLaR), Asociación de Aficionados y Kappa Crucis