Welcome to our third edition of the Galileo Teacher Training Programme newsletter. We hope that you find it useful and its reading interesting.


In this first issue of 2012 you will find many inspiring reports, several new training opportunities, very interesting meetings and campaigns. Assembling such a vast repository of amazing activities and stories is never an easy task. But such a task is one we take with a great pride and humility. It is overwhelming the reach of educator’s efforts and the seeds they keep planting every day.

By no means this newsletter is representative of all that is going on in the world of Astronomy education, in particular in GTTP corner, but we are all very happy to be able to share with you at least a small part of this world that makes so much sense.

We hope that this newsletter is a source of ideas and opportunities to you and that you find yourself a member of this fast growing movement!

May the skies be clear and your hearts strong and pure in the pursuit of your dreams. Make space in all of them to keep changing the world kid by kid.



If you are planing to print the newsletter you should download the high quality PDF. For computer screen reading the lower quality PDF works fine.

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