I am very pleased to announce the first GTTP newsletter. Its main purpose is to create a mechanism that will maintain everyone connected and shorten the distances between us. This is an effort to bring to the whole community all the amazing work everyone is doing, share achievements and announce opportunities. Your contribution is very important and your support the heart of what we do. May this be the beginning of a very successful communication story and represent pleasant and useful moments to all readers.

In these pages you will find reports of activities, future opportunities, success stories, resources on the spot, ephemeris and other useful information. I call your attention to one important announcement of an activity that will take place very soon: GTTP MoonDays during GAM2011. But don’t forget to check all the other announcements and opportunities as well.

Join us and help GTTP fulfill its vision of making this a much better world !!!

If you are planing to print the newsletter you should download the high quality PDF. For computer screen reading the lower quality PDF works fine.

High quality (10.5 MB) Low quality (1.2 MB)