Two GTTP training workshops took place in Morocco in 2011. The first one was in October 19th at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. Representative teachers and one school director from 2 primary schools, one middle school and two high schools (9 persons in total) in Ifrane and the nearby city Azrou, were introduced to the GTTP program and benefited from a hands on observational training using a telescope.

Another GTTP training was organized in Dec 12th, 2011 in the Oukaïmenden observatory located in the High Atlas Mountains near Marrakech.

This three day retreat training was in the framework of the Aldebaran national project which aims at creating a large network of astronomy clubs in primary and secondary schools all around Morocco. Two teachers’ trainings prior to the Oukaïmenden training took part in Rabat in April 2 and 9, 2011 (photo 4) where 62 schools from all around Morocco were represented. The training was partly sponsored by the UNESCO office in Morocco. The Rabat training focused mainly on basic notions of astronomy, solar system, and astronomy clubs creation. Participants were then invited to a national competition about making a 3D solar system model (photo 5 represents one of the winning models of this competition).



The 5 first winners of this national competition benefited from an advanced GTTP training in theOukaïmenden observatory. The training program included general astronomy lectures, star gazing training, hands on telescopes, sky-scoot apparatus, and sky maps.