by Grom Matthies

We have prepared a template to help you produce your own MoonDays poster with the phases of the Moon. A colored poster in English ready to print and space enough for students to place the images they capture and text they wish to add. This can be done manually (glue) on the printed poster or importing the pdf poster into adequate software for desktop publishing and adding more contents in there.


The basic format is A1, but it can be resized in Adobe Reader to any similar format that can sustain clipping without distortion. The final PDF contents should have high enough resolution to withstand 2.5 times amplification.

black_filled black_empty

This option consists of a finished EXAMPLE poster (size A1) and a pdf-file with a black mask as reference to measure sizes (can be done with a tool inside Adobe Reader). The example poster holds a sample text that is actually the instructions of how to create and assemble the final poster.


A graphics toolbox as a pdf-file is provided for active groups/classes which would like to express their creativity and make a poster on their own. The file contains a few illustrations and images with elements that would complement a written explanation about the Moons phases. High resolution allows for selected areas to be copied and pasted into image editing software or directly printed from Adobe Reader.

You are invited to post your final art work here:  (to be announced soon) your work will be presented for public voting under the category of artwork. The deadline to post your work is May 31st. The selection of the best 20 will be made by the public and the voting will be open until June 15th.  A juri will select the best 3 per category. Announcement of winners and prizes distribution will take place in July.

So here are your options:

Ready to go

A ready to print poster in English language. Use the dedicated free area as a pin board for photographs. Format A1, 841×594 mm (33×23,5 inch), resizable.


Make a cardboard poster

As a group activity, a visually appealing option is to create a mask from black cardboard with the pictures taken and collected by group members. Download these single page instructions that also serve as a small sized template. You will also want the toolbox files from below containing several graphics to visually complement an explanation of the phases of the moon.

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Be all creative (toolbox files)

For active groups let creativity run at large. Have your students design their own poster layout. Download the graphics toolbox with different figures and icons to use in image editing software or print and thus complement the explanation about the Moons orbit, illumination and phases. Check the included Readme file for suggestions and to choose the most suitable illustration.

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