GTTP workshop was held in Bogota, Colombia from 7 to 1o October 2014. The workshop was organised by Nathalia Rippe of Instituto Distrital de las Artes (IDARTES) and Ángela Pérez of Planetarium of Bogotá. The workshop consisted range of practical activities such as astronomical coordinates, how to prepare an astronomical observations, using ‘Cartesdu Ciel’ software, simulator from The Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project (NAAP) and Stellarium.

Throughout the week, the workshop also had quite a few talks; ‘What astronomers do’ by Armando Higuera (astronomer), ‘Ice and water in the Universe’ by Cristian Goéz, ‘Chemical evolution of the Universe’ by Walter Ocampo, ‘Astronomy and geographical coordinates’ by Carlos Baquero and ‘Thousands years of rockets’ by Germán Puerta.

The organisers extend their gratitude to Rosa Doran and Leon Restrepo, Also to the speakers for given their time and sharing knowledge; Milton Carvajal, Mauricio Giraldo, Alexander Bonilla, Diego Alejandro Vásquez, Miguel Valbuena and Yeimy Guerra.