For the tenth consecutive year, Astronomy from the Ground Up! workshop was held at CSIRO Parkes Observatory from 3 to 5 May 2013 with about 30 teachers and educators from across the Australia.

The workshop kicked off with a rare opportunity for the participants to tour the 64m Parkes radio telescope. They were also able to inspect the 12m antenna, Parkes Testbed Facility which used for testing Phased Array Feeds.


The workshop included talks on latest astronomical research on pulsars to developments in astronomy and space science facilities in Australia. Participants also got to observe both night sky and day time with solar observing. The teachers were introduced to variety of exciting tools such as Zooniverse, PULSE@Parkes, Telescopes in Schools, etc… One lucky teacher got the opportunity to drive remotely the Mars rover model located at the Mars Yard, Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

The effort was lead by GTTP Ambassador Robert Hollow, Education Officer at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science. Read the full report by Robert at: