José Gonçalves

Where are you based:
Vila Real (Portugal)

Where do you work:
Public Schools in Portugal

When did you first learn about GTTP:
Back in 2012, from Rosa Doran, after having won the Dark Skies Ranger contest for teachers.

What was the first GTTP workshop you took part in:
I took part the GTTP in Volos, Greece. I presented my lesson plan to other colleagues, about light pollution and how to implement in schools.

Why did you decide to organise GTTP workshops for local teachers/educators:
In the past, I loved to use computer as a part of the evolution process of knowledge. When it turned a great tool, with a superb rendering and graphic evolution, I started to use all the astronomy and physics software available. I started also to do simulations and animations.

In the schools I trained teachers to use Google tools and science software and I made workshops about scientific educational tools (software like Stellarium, Modellus, and more).
At the same time I love to communicate science and I was challenge by a colleague to speak in a school about “Light Pollution“. It wasn’t my first time because I already did it in a public talk about “CERN – An Universal Experience“.


Students were playing Bosemon cards (the particles’ Physics card game)

What tools/methods do you use in your training sessions:
Lectures, computers, some small instrumentation, access to software and hardware, explain the inquiry approach (IBSE) of teaching scenarios with a STEM vision.

Advice for teachers out there:
Now we are more connected than ever. Science needs you to prepare the next generation of scientist. We are the first line to the students knowledge.

Tips for other GTTP ambassadors around the world:
The only thing you need is start and never give up. You can do simple tasks and you will see that in the end you will have a huge network around you.

What do you do in your spare time:
Physics, Physics, and… play guitar, photography, and play with my kids.