My Moon Campaign is the first joint effort of the Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP), one of the cornerstones of IYA2009, and World Space Week Association (WSW), globally celebrating space 4-10 October every year. In 2009 we are celebrating several important dates, the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s observations, the 150 years of Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and the 40th anniversary of Apollo Moon landing. The Moon is the perfect target for this campaign as it presents a perfect link between all these important turning points in science history.

Our goal is to engage students in the study of several different aspects of the Moon, using whichever means they have available to reach this purpose: naked eye observations, small telescopes, binoculars, astrophotography, robotic telescopes, webcams, image databases, imagination, creativity, etc. and submit a report, present a project, an essay, anything that will make our natural satellite worthy of being called “My Moon” by the student.

Send us your class creation and win prizes! Please include the name of your school, class and your (teacher´s) name. Also mention your location (city & country). There shall be only one entry per class. This means your class has to work as a team and/or make a team decision to send the best creation or make a compilation. Each class will receive a participation Certificate and as we will put up a gallery on our website, all entries will get global recognition!


Prizes that can be won:

– For teachers, as International Teacher’s Day (5th Oct.) falls within World Space Week, we have a few $500 Educational Awards available for the most creative use of space in the classroom.

– For students we have books, DVDs, models of Apollo Lander and the International Space Station and other prizes especially made available by the European Space Agency.

– For the class as a whole, you can participate in a Virtual Telescope (VT) session with guidance and presentation by Gianluca Masi. The Virtual Telescope will also have interactive sessions during Galilean Nights (22-24 October) another IYA cornerstone project.

Download the file with the proposed tasks using the button at the end of this page.

All projects should be submitted by email to: and

The deadline of entering into the competition is 10th of November: 23:59:59 (UT)