The IAU and UNESCO has earmarked a certain amount of funding to support IYA2009 related projects and activities in developing regions. This call for proposals comes via the Galileio Teacher Training Program cornerstone project and is thus targeted at providing seed funding and basic support to empower teacher training workshops in developing regions.

These small grants (up to 500 Euro) are intended to support organizations which are improving the science teaching in classroom worldwide. Efficient use of these funds to train teachers capable of further train other pears and successfully implement the learned resources and tools in classroom would result in a solid start of a local community for the global GTTP effort.

The funds shall be used to:

Produce educational material to distribution to workshop participants

Travel and subsistence for teachers attending the workshop, when needed

Funding Conditions:

1) Successful applicants will be required to sign a Terms of Reference and abide by the grant’s reporting criteria.

2) Copies of all receipts must be presented to the GTTP coordination

3) A report must be submitted by the end of the workshop

4) And a list of teacher’s names and contacts for certification must be delivered.

5) In case the workshop doesn’t take place the amount granted have to be reimbursed to GTTP coordination.

Selection Criteria used was:

1) Alignment with the goals of IYA2009 and GTTP.

2) Quality and relevance of workshop content.

3) Innovativeness and creativity of approach.

4) Clear timeline indicators.

5) Cost effectiveness of the project including a detailed budget.

6) Potential to raise funding from other sources

7) Degree of impact of the project with potential for sustainability.

Selected Countries:

Although the initial intention was to fund 10 workshops, GTTP decided to use the Mani Bhaumik Prize for Astronomy Excellence Funds to provide 2 more grants.

The countries with projects selected are:

  1. Macedonia
  2. Zambia
  3. Armenia
  4. Gabon
  5. Malta
  6. Morocco
  7. Nepal ( combined )
  8. Sri-Lanka
  9. Mozambique
  10. Jamaica
  11. Mongolia
  12. Vietnam

We had in total 23 applications it was very difficult to select the top 12 as so many initiatives deserve acclaim for what they’ve done. They were all a manifestation of a very strong will of GTTP promoters willing to build Beyond IYA2009 and we hope that those projects will find other means to support their activities.

Moreover, the author Guilherme de Almeida has kindly donated the following books to GTTP:

2 copies “Navigating the Night Sky”: (To be donated to: Macedonia and Zambia)

Reference and synopsis:

From the reviews:

And 2 books in Portuguese: (These 2 copies will be donated to Mozambique)

“Roteiro do Céu”: Almeida, Guilherme de — “Roteiro do Céu”, 5.ª edição revista e actualizada, Plátano Editora, Lisboa, 2010.

“Introdução à Astronomia e às Observações Astronómicas”: Ferreira, Máximo; Almeida, Guilherme de”, 7.ª edição, Plátano Editora, Lisboa, 2004.

Please bear in mind that the GTTP coordination is devoted to continue this effort and more efforts are on the field to ensure a bright future to this unique network.

To the jury our sincere thanks, to the selected projects success, to the ones left behind keep tuned and to all our GTTP promoters, Galileo Teachers and Ambassadors congratulations for the work well done and see you all Beyond IYA2009!!


Rosa Doran (Chair of GTTP)

Mobile Phone : +351 966 781 264

Email :