The IAU and UNESCO has earmarked a certain amount of funding to support IYA2009 related projects and activities in developing regions. This call for proposals comes via the GTTP cornerstone and is thus targeted at providing seed funding and basic support in order to stimulate teacher training workshops in developing regions. Note that although this funding is aimed specifically at “developing countries”, exceptions with appropriate motivation will be accepted – the main concern simply being who the beneficiaries would be. Proposals should also be in alignment with the IYA2009 goals and more specifically the GTTP goals.

These small grants (up to 500 Euro) are intended to simply act as a stimulus to support organizations which are enthusiastic about improving the science teaching in classroom worldwide. Efficient use of these funds to train teachers capable of further train other pears and successfully implement the learned resources and tools in classroom would result in a solid start of a local community for the global GTTP effort.

The funds shall be used to:

– Produce educational material to distribution to workshop participants

– Travel and subsistence for teachers attending the workshop, when needed

Applications for funding are invited only via IYA2009 national nodes (each country should have an official point of contact who has been registered with the IYA2009 secretariat – full list of national nodes – if your country does not have a national node, please contact us for information on setting one up).

Use the following button to download the document with the details of this Call:


After reading carefully the previous document please submit your Proposal using this form. We will ensure that your IYA2009 SPOC receives your information.

New deadline for submition: March 25th 2010