CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Apply to ‘Global for Local’ to get your astronomy project funded!


Global for Local – supporting astronomy education one project at a time! Photo: Headmistress, Aleksandra Zajdel-Kijowska and students from Primary School Number 12 in Jasło, Poland who will the Space Research Centre in Warsaw thanks to the successful funding from the first round of campaign.

Almost on a daily basis GTTP team receives requests for support. Many are for small projects and efforts, but that can make a huge difference for local communities struggling for funding. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests, we can do so much but to provide assistance pointing towards free educational activities and programs that these communities can implement. It is with a heavy heart that we watched many of these projects fail due to a lack of small amounts of funding. We continuously try to do our best to help these local communities find a solution, but we too, struggle. With this in mind, in the late 2015 we announced a new programme: Global for Local in collaboration with Fiat Physica. Through this programme, Galileo Teacher Training Program provides you the support to raise funds for small, local astronomy projects needing up to 500 US Dollars via a crowdfunding campaign.


Thank you from Príncipe High School Astronomy Club students that will receive their first telescope from the successful first round of G4L campaigns. Image credit: Joana Latas

If you have a project idea in mind or an ongoing project in astronomy education that needs help, that can make a difference in your community, we encourage you to apply at:

Five worthy projects up to USD $500 each will be selected to run the crowdfunding campaigns. If you applied for our previous campaign but didn’t get selected, we encourage you to apply again with an improved version of your project. The campaigns will run on Fiat Physica crowdfunding platform for 45 days. Campaigns receive the donations at the end of the campaign only if the funding goal is reached. If successful, GTTP will send the amount via wire transfer to the project leader. The crowdfunding platform retains 5% and an additional 3% is for credit card processing. Successful projects are required to submit a report and photos to GTTP.

If you have any additional questions, please send an email to:

Deadline to apply: 9 March 2016