10 Ways to Get Involved in GAM 2015


Mark your calendar for Global Astronomy Month 2015 (#GAM2015)! Every April since 2010, Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) and its partners bring together a month full of astronomy activities to educate and inspire public about the beauty of the Universe under the motto ‘One People, One Sky.’

GAM has something for everyone. Here at GTTP, we want to share 10 ways you can get involved with GAM2015. For a full schedule, visit GAM2015 website and of course spread the word about these stellar events!

  1. You might be new to GAM or someone who’s looking forward to it. Regardless, the best place to start is by watching (full screen) the GAM2015 trailer. It will inspire you and make you want to take your telescope to the streets and share the beauty of the night sky with others.
  2. If you are part of a school, astronomy club or a planetarium, organise an event for GAM. If you are not part of any, you can still organise an event yourself. The key is to bring your local community together into this international celebration of astronomy. Don’t forget to register your event, so that others can discover your effort and join in.
  3. Not only individuals and groups around the world, the host organisation – Astronomers Without Borders – also make the astronomy month a busy place by organising wide range of events. Take a look at the schedule and mark your calendar.
  4. Are you a teacher or an educator and wondering how you could get your classroom involved? GAM2015 Asteroid Search Campaign is the answer. Register your class and discover asteroids!
  5. 2015 is the International Year of Light. You can celebrate both IYL2015 and GAM2015 by taking part in Globe at Night to help determine light pollution measurements around the world.
  6. Be inspired and enter the GAM2015 AstroPoetry Contest. If you are a teacher, encourage your students to enter. The contest is open to all ages (under three categories). Winners will receive some stellar prizes!
  7. Universe at your fingertips: join with veteran astronomer Gianluca Masi of Virtual Telescope in Italy to virtually observe a lunar eclipse, a messier marathon, to walk on the moon and more, with people around the world.
  8. Be engaged through social media to share your experience with the world. Join the conversation on Twitter using #GAM2015, share your pictures on Flickr or be our friend on Facebook.
  9. GAM is truly for everyone! This long list of astronomy resources for people with disabilities will allow everyone to be a part of it. You can help to make astronomy accessible to everyone.
  10. Art and music inspired by astronomy is a great way to get your students engaged. The month is filled with astroart events from a moon-bounce effort to a virtual Cosmic Concert with the pianist Givanni Renzo.