The International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009) provided an excellent opportunity to engage the formal education community in the excitement of astronomical discovery as a vehicle for improving the teaching of science in classrooms around the world. An incredibly rich store of useful astronomy resources is available for such an effort, much of it in digital form and freely available on the internet. However, experienced educators and outreach specialists identify a critical impediment: many teachers lack the training to understand these resources or use them effectively in their curricula.

The Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) was born to address this problem as a cornerstone of IYA2009 and was launched during in 2009. But its legacy will continue long after the end of 2009, as it is now an official educational program of the IAU (International Astronomical Union) and part of the “IAU Decadal Strategic Plan”.

We are now asking some input from the community in order to understand the best way to move GTTP forward in the years to come. Please take some time and fill in this form with the requested information.

This is an important inquiry related to GTTP activities during IYA2009 and to the teaching of Astronomy in your country. All this information is very important for the future of our programme. We want to make sure we meet your expectations and needs. Please devote some time to give us all the requested information and to add your own suggestions. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Countries that have already filled the inquiry: