With more than 40 years of experience in teaching, Michael and Suzanne Faye are unique science duo from Paris, France and pioneers of Hands-On Universe (HOU) in France. Students from socially deprived areas in France to different cultural background, Faye’s work has inspired students and teachers globally.


Their amazing efforts are dedicated to teaching astronomy through experiment and critical thinking which lead students of all ages to question and seek answers for their own. “When I was a little child I saw an airplane in the sky and wondered how many people can be confined to such small a space. Puzzled, I questioned my uncle, but instead of simply provide me with the answer, he took me on a journey of discovery. As we moved away from my home he started by asking me to look (back to the house) and observe. As the size of my house got smaller and smaller, I suddenly realised the answer” explained Suzanne. This inspirational way of discovery changed the way Suzanne perceived the world and profoundly changed her science teaching.


Michael and Suzanne delivered a talk on “From Archaeoastronomy to Supernovae” to the participants of Astronomy@myPC workshop. Check their website for more info: http://science.faye.free.fr/