What is the GTTP?

GTTP (Galileo Teacher Training Program) is a International Year of Astronomy 2009 cornerstone project that aims to create a worldwide network of certified “Galileo Teachers”. These Teachers will be able to use astronomy education tools and resources in classroom science curricula and disseminate this knowledge among their peers.

What is a Galileo Ambassador?

A Galileo Ambassador is a promoter of GTTP sessions. If you wish to become a Galileo Ambassador first check the “World” page on the GTTP site and see if there is already an Ambassador in your country and contact him/her. If there is no Ambassador yet, please contact the Chair of GTTP using the form in the “Contacts” page.

What is a Galileo Teacher?

A Galileo Teacher is someone that has received training in the effective use and transfer of astronomy education tools and resources into classroom science curricula. The Galileo Teachers will be equipped to train other teachers in these methodologies, leveraging the work begun during IYA2009 in classrooms everywhere.

I want to become a Galileo Teacher. What should I do?

You should enroll on a GTTP Session. Check the “Agenda” on the homepage of the GTTP website. The “GTTP Sessions” category on the “News” page, or, if these fail to produce any result, contact the Galileo Ambassador of your country listed on the “World” webpage.