This article is based on a Press Release by CESAR (Cooperation through Education in Science and Astronomy Research)

The international “ESA – Galileo Teacher Training”, (ESA/GTTP 2021) was held, in an online format, under the name «Space Careers».

For the Second Edition, this course was designed and coordinated by the CESAR and the NUCLIO Teams, in collaboration with the Educational Projects IAC/PETeR, Faulkes Telescope and the National Schools’ Observatory.

This course was offered to teachers worlwide teaching any subject at any level, science communicators and college students,  reaching a total number of 130 attendees from 55 countries.

The goal of this workshop was to introduce ESA and their space centers as well as the ESA scientific program; the collaboration with other institutions. And together with this, a wide range of professions at ESA, related to Space Careers, using the story telling technique. These professions covered, from astrophysics, data archive engineers, science operations managers, human resources staff, educational teams, medical assistants to astronauts, analog astronauts, among others, who were not only telling what  their daily life is like but also their personal story to reach the position where they are at now and difficulties overcome along their path.

Expert presentations were completed with hands-on activities that were made of scientific data collected by the ESA scientific missions, the CESAR Telescopes,  the IAC/PETeR robotic telescopes, the NEOCC network of telescopes, as well as professional software used by astronomers for their scientific analysis. Two new Sciencific Challenges designed for students in their secondary education level and their first University years were introduced, related to star formation and gravitational lensing.

Have a look at the the ESAGTTP2021 Twitter posts.

Here is the link to an example of an expert talk about ESA Space Careers presented by Dr. Javier Delgado.