This year the experiment will take place on Wednesday the 21st of March, one day after the spring equinox day (Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 16:15 UTC). You can perform the experiment in collaboration with another school on the same longtitude, if no other schools can be found on the same longitude – for your matchup – you can consider the existence of a virtual school on the equator with experimental data 0 (shade of a one-meter stick measured at local noon). This way you can also have an accurate outcome by conducting the experiment by yourself. Schools that register till Monday 12th of March 12:00 CET will receive on Tuesday 13th of March an e-mail with the coordinates of potential matching schools along with the information (email) of their contact persons, so that they can communicate and arrange their match-up during the day of the experiment. Schools that register till Friday 16 of March 12:00 CET, will receive the same email during the day (after 16:00 CET). Schools that register on Friday 16th of March after 12:00 CET and until Monday 19th of March (15:00 CET), will receive email on Tuesday morning, 20th of March.

In order to stand a chance to win a scholarship to attend the 2018 European Science Education Academy (ESEA) Summer School in Greece, take a photo of your experiment and submit by 18 April along with your data. More info at:

Register your school at: