This year the experiment will take place on the 19 March in Europe and North Africa (due to the fact that on the 20th of March we will have in that area a solar eclipse) and on the 20March for the rest of the world, on the equinox day. Thus, for your matchup – if no other schools can be found on the same longitude – you can consider the existence of a virtual school on the equator with experimental data 0 (shade of a one-meter stick measured at a certain time). This way you can also have an accurate outcome by conducting the experiment by yourself.

To celebrate this event, 3 scholarships for the 6-day ISE Summer School Academy 2015 in Greece, with all expenses covered for the winners of:

Eratosthenes Photo Contest

Solar Eclipse Photo Contest

Eratosthenes Online Lesson Contest

Join today and let your school be part of an exciting international activity! More details at: