Astronomy community around the world is well aware of the amazing efforts that Chuck and Sue Ruehle, two dedicated educators, have done over the years on developing astronomy education in Tanzania with the support of Mponda Malazo and the local community.
Since 2010 the “Telescope to Tanzania” project has organised many workshops, trainings and meetings. The key element of this effort is to have a long lasting effect. With this in mind the duo are setting grounds to a new Centre for Science Education and Observatory in Tanzania. The centre will be managed by a local consortium of teachers and educators allowing the local community to continue and expand the educational effort and open more international doors.
On 17 June an eLearning session was carried by Rosa Doran, GTTP chair, for enhancing the efforts and support participants in exploring the benefits of enquiry-based learning. The Centre is pleased to have the opportunity to participate in a global network of science educators. Several international educational efforts were presented and discussed in order to bring new ways of teaching to the teaching community in Tanzania.

Support Telescope to Tanzania crowdfunding campaign to build the Centre for Science Education and Observatory: