The Dark Sky Awareness (DSA) and the Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) are cornerstones of the International Year of Astronomy. The main goal of DSA is to raise the level of public knowledge about adverse impacts of excess artificial lighting on local environments and help more people appreciate the ongoing loss of a dark night sky for much of the world’s population. GTTP’s goal is to create a worldwide network of teachers trained in the effective use and transfer of astronomy education tools and resources into classroom science curricula.

Both programs decided to launch a joint effort: “Dark Skies Ranger Program”, for the new school year joining both cornerstones goals. Students will enhance their awareness of the growing light pollution problem, learn how to assess this problem and at the same time engage in the use of the science research method and techniques to evaluate it.

DSA educational resources are part of the GTTP offered package and a joint campaign is an effective mean to provide incentive to practical use of the educational resources in an effective project.

Students will be invited to evaluate the light pollution problem in their school neighborhood, assess the consequences and deliver reports to school boards or local authorities. Participants will have an active participation in the raise of awareness among peers and local community and have the possibility to suggest practical ways to tackle the problem. While performing the task students will enhance several skills like: communication, evaluation, creativity, critical thinking.

All participants will receive a participation certificate. The most active ones will be entitled to receive a Dark Sky Ranger Certificate. They will have improved their skills and helped our planet to be a better place while building their citizenship awareness.

This is a very useful program as it not only raises awareness on a much ignored problem but allows students to take an active participation in the solution of the problem or at least to attract attention to a dormant issue. The program will be open to all countries in the world. Students around the globe will be able to compare their results learning about their differences and similarities.

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Resources to help you achieve the goals of this program can be found in this link.