The Communication and Society Research Centre at the University of Minho celebrated the International Year of Light 2015 by organising “International Conference on Communication and Light” from 2 – 4 November in Braga, Portugal. The three-day conference focused on the concepts of light in the communication field.

Members of NUCLIO team presented ongoing efforts related to the light and International Year of Light 2015:

Cosmic Light EDU kit by Thilina Heenatigala
Skylight Opera – A global Science Opera by Rosa Doran
Light Beyond the Visible by Sara Anjos & Sílvia Pinto

Rosa presented recently concluded Skylight Opera project and explained how it helped to bring in people around the world and perform together. Sara and her collaborator Silvia discussed the visible and invisible light, how it relates to people and the to specific period and place. IAU project, the Cosmic Light EDU kit was presented by Thilina, the progress so far and how the legacy of the resources and workshops will be carried into 2016 and beyond.


Friends of NUCLIO also took part in the conference sharing collaborative projects and ideas. Pedro Russo of Leiden University discussed the importance of light for astronomy and society. GalileoMobile was presented by Nuno Gomes, an active member of the GM team, while Jorge Rivero Gonzalez of European Physical Society working on International Year of Light (IYL) presented the impact of IYL blog.


Photos from the conference courtesy of Raquel Leite: