A message from Rosa Doran, chair of GTTP:


“The International Year of Light will be or can be a turning point related to our awareness about challenges, opportunities and threats brought to us by light. To some it is the ultimate dream, symbolizing the difference between a fruitful life where dreams are chased and opportunities grabbed as opposed to darkness, in literal sense and in knowledge as well. But darkness isn’t such a bad thing after all. Living beings depend on it for their daily cycles. It is as necessary for our health as much as all other nutrients. But are those deprived of light the ones that are really in need or are those deprived of the night sky because of light pollution the ones living in an age of complete darkness of awareness. Awareness of who we are, where we are in this vast cosmos and our role as human beings. This is the real darkness menacing our civilization. The Galileo Teacher Training Program will devote its efforts to enlighten as many friends as possible to the importance of turning off the lights to turn on the stars. And there was light, starlight in 2015.¬†

Starry nights to all!!!”

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