Little history:
100 years ago Albert Einstein published his article on General Relativity where the relationship between energy and the mass lead to one of the most famous scientific equations in the history of science: E= m c2

This work of Einstein is important for Astronomy, because it explains many phenomena that we can see in the Universe, because there are great masses and of course light traveling through the Cosmos.

As one of the most famous scientist in the history of human civilization, Einstein is clearly a science-celebrity and a household name. Because of this status, people started celebrating is birthday March 14 and called it the ‘Pi Day’ because of the relation between mathematical ‘pi’ (3.14156…..). This is a match made in heaven!

This year is quite special for Pi Day because we get to celebrate not just two, but four decimals: 3.1415 (mimicking March 14 of 2015). Also, this year happened to be the International Year of Light (IYL2015).

Let’s celebrate this special Pi Day to honour Albert Einstein with the hashtag #31415. Share your Pi Day preparation, plans and celebration with everyone around the world through photos and short videos (6-30seconds) across any social media platform.

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This is an initiative of Cosmic Light ( and Globe at Night.