Announcement of GTTP call for proposals results for 2012

With the support of the Las Cumbres Global Observatory and Telescope Network (LCOGT) we were able to issue a new call for proposals in 2012. The main aim of these small grants is to provide seed funding and basic support in order to stimulate teacher training workshops in developing regions.



Selected Proposals

In total there were 23 different proposals from the following countries: Armenia, Colombia, Ehtiopia, Ethiopia, 2 from Guatemala, 4 from India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Mozambique, 2 from Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Rwanda, 2 from Tanzania, Uganda and Uruguay.

The 9 selected proposals are:


India – Manthan Educational Programme Society, India

Ehtiopia – Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS)

Nepal – Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO)

Philippines – Physics Dvision, Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics, University of the Philippines Los Banos

Tanzania – Secondary School and Telescopes to Tanzania

Uganda – Uganda Astronomy Club

Indonesia – Langitselatan

Mozambique – Eduardo Mondlane University

Rwanda  – Kigali Institute of Education


We still hope we will be able to find further support to all the other proposals submitted to us by counting on crowd support. We are inviting all the community to contribute via paypal to enable the funding of all presented proposals:


It was a difficult selection procedure and for sure we won’t ever be able to say it was a fair selection, it is never fair when good willing partners are not able to pursue their vision. But GTTP is more than a programme, it is a movement were more and more people are joining hands to make astronomy education a strong flag for our dream of a better world.

Selection Criteria

1) Alignment with the goals of IYA2009 and GTTP.

2) Quality and relevance of workshop content.

3) Innovativeness and creativity of approach.

4) Clear timeline indicators.

5) Cost effectiveness of the project including a detailed budget.

6) Potential to raise funds from other sources

7) Degree of impact of the project with potential for sustainability.

The review of all proposals and classification in order of priorities was done with the support of the following team:

· Carl Pennypacker (University of California at Berkeley / President of Global Hands-on Universe Association)

· Paul Roche (Director of Faulkes Telescope Education Team)

· Mary Kay Hemenway (University of Texas at Austin)

· Roger Ferlet (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris (IAP))

· Susan Murabana (Africa HOU)


We would like to thank the European Southern Observatory (ESO) for providing material to all participants in this call. All 23 participants received a package of materials from ESO that will certainly be used to enrich their outreach efforts.

To the evaluation team our sincere thanks, to the selected projects wishes of a very successful workshop, to the ones left behind keep tuned and to all our GTTP promoters, Galileo Teachers and Ambassadors congratulations for the work well done. Arms raised and hands joined to continue bringing awareness to new generations!


You can help fund this effort

GTTP has already secured funding to support 9 workshops thanks to the generous contribution of LCOGT. You can help by making a small contribution using the following button.



Rosa Doran (Chair of GTTP)

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