The fourth GTTP workshop in Chile was held from 12 to 15 July at the Escuela F-96 Libertadores de Chile. Twenty-two secondary education teachers from public schools in Antofagasta participated and the workshop was funded by Social Development Corporation in the Municipality of Antofagasta, as a way to enhance teaching of Astronomy in classrooms of one of the regions with the most relevant observatories in the world.


This initiative will benefit around 2,000 school students, specifically with more simple and clear methodologies to teach Astronomy. The four days workshop was inaugurated by the mayor of Antofagasta, Karen Rojo, highlighting the high level of this type of training for local teachers. The monitor in charge of training the attendants was Rich Lohman, teacher-trainer with Hands-On Universe (HOU) at Lawrence Laboratory at University of California, Berkeley.


Reported by GTTP Ambassador Sergio Cabezón.