GTTP sessions aims to train teachers in the use of resources effectively in their astronomy curricula. Furthermore, GTTP will assist educators to inspire students to take up science careers and bring them to a new level of proficiency in science culture.

  • A GTTP session needs to address some of the elementary themes of astronomy and use GTTP suggested resources and tools. In order to be certified, a session must promote the integration of the following methodologies and practices:

• Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools such as planetarium software, image processing software, simulators, etc. A list of resources and tools addressing each category can be found here:
• One or more topics of astronomy following a specific list of suggested topics.
• Inquiry and Project Based Learning and interdisciplinarity.
• Observations of the Sun and/or night sky (naked eye or with telescopes).
• At least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
•The adoption of an inclusive approach (UDL for instance)

(Note: these criteria can be discussed and relaxed in special circumstances.)

  • In order to receive official “Galileo Teacher” certificate from GTTP for all the participants, the session coordinator must submit; a  summary report of the session, photos and a list of names of the participants.

(Note: Details from the report and photos will be shared with the rest of the GTTP Network through the website and social media.)

  • For any inquires, please contact the GTTP Chair.

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